Founded in 1965 by John and Margaret Murdoch, the company gradually moved from its humble beginnings as a small family-run business to an expansive, varied and specialised range of vehicles.

The journey to where we are now is a story that we take immense pride in. The original premises of Murdochs was to carry animal feed from our base of operations at Thornliemuir Farm, Paisley to our clients across the central belt of Scotland. Then operating with just 7 vehicles, we rapidly began to expand thanks to our growing reputation for being an efficient, reliable company and in 1974 we moved to a larger base of operations out at Glenfield Road, Paisley.

Just as our offices expanded, so too did our offering of services. With a fleet of 30 vehicles at our disposal, we quickly took advantage of the growing demand for general haulage including the transportation of whiskey, timber and fertiliser. For many years we operated successfully in general haulage and gradually grew an impressive portfolio of clients.



Today J & M Murdoch & Son Limited is run from Crofthead Mill, Neilston. Headed by John Murdoch Junior, Andrew Murdoch, Helen Murdoch and Tony Cairns, the company has remained true to its founding roots of being a family-run business that’s focus is on providing an efficient service to its clients.

Like our fleet of vehicles the company has grown over the years, welcoming new members and expanding with the addition of a fantastic team of highly skilled specialists who take real pride in being part of the Murdoch family. Despite the expansion of staff the company ethos has remained the same: to provide our clients with a personal service that highlights efficiency as a paramount aspect of our relationship throughout any project.

This is echoed by our flexibility. Murdochs operate 24/7 without restrictions and with the ability to carry out 500 individual movements in a single day, you can be assured that your project is being handled in the most ergonomic fashion.

Today, Murdochs now operate throughout the UK.


Murdoch's are based in Neilston near Glasgow. Please use the map to find us.

J & M Murdoch & Son Ltd
Crofthead Industrial Estate
Lochlibo Road
Neilston, Glasgow
Scotland, G78 3NE.

 0141 580 6322